Lessons and Instruction

I am now offering instruction in the Scottish fiddle style and the Great Highland bagpipe for students in the greater Washington D.C. area, from my home in Alexandria, Virginia (Springfield Mall area). I currently have weeknight and weekend slots available for up to 6 students.

For Scottish fiddle, I am accepting students with experience with classical violin and other (esp. Irish) fiddle styles for study of the particulars of the various Scottish styles, up to an intermediate level of study. I will consider taking beginners to the instrument, but I prefer students with already intermediate to advanced violin technique. I will also teach aspects of music theory that pertain to the Scottish style, along with a focus on different regional sub-styles, and styles specific to particular Scottish dances. I also instruct in elements of musicology, placing the Scottish fiddle in its greater Scottish musical context. I have had 10 years of study of classical violin (under the Suzuki method). I have studied Scottish fiddle since January 2002 with former U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion Elke Baker, and competed in the 2004 and 2005 U.S. National Championships.

For Highland bagpipe, I am accepting only beginning students on the instrument. I can offer referrals for more advanced students. I will also teach sheet music reading skills, along with some elements of music theory, as well elements of musicology, placing the Highland pipes in their greater Scottish musical context. New students are required to purchase a practice chanter (I can recommend vendors prior to the first lesson, or purchase one for the student), but I strongly dissuade students from ordering a set of bagpipes until my recommendation, approximately after six months of study on the practice chanter. I have studied Highland Bagpipes since spring of 2001, and am a Grade III piper in the Eastern US Pipe Band Association. I also pipe with the City of Alexandria Pipes and Drums.

Rates for instruction are currently $150/month for fiddle or bagpipes, based on a weekly hour-long lesson. Interested parties should contact me at the email or phone number listed in the navigation frame.

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